„A Place where the Light is constant“. Faktoren der Migration von Nigeria nach Europa und Integration durch den Verkauf von Straßenzeitungen am Beispiel von Tirol


  • Tobias Leo




The first part of this work is about the reasons, why people want to leave their native Nigeria and start a new life in Europe. Many of today's problems in Nigeria are a product of historical development and can be explained in a problem-oriented perspective, starting with the beginning of the 19th century. The second part is about the Nigerian migrants who have managed to reach Europe, in this case Austria. It is assumed that we live in a post-migrant society and that for migrants, in the style of Homi Bhabha, third spaces can be opened up. Especially for asylum seekers there are few opportunities to work. One of these is the sale of street papers, which may be one of those third spaces in which integration can be facilitated. Therefore, five Nigerians, who sell the Tyrolean street paper „20er”,were interviewed.






Thomas-Albrich-Preis 2018 & Best Paper von historia.scribere 10